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Rights & Royalties – Driving Improvement

MACCS’ has been extended and enhanced and we are excited to announce 2 new screens – Title Evaluation and Title Viability, which are integrated across both the P&A and R&R modules.

Title Evaluation lets distributors evaluate an individual title’s viability before its actual release. MACCS allows multiple users to apply ratings and estimated box-office by circuit to a title, which are visible only to themselves and a specified ‘super user’. The results can be tracked and compared in a detailed new report. Comparison by similar titles is also possible.

Title Evaluation Report

The Title Viability screen is a pre-calculation sheet where a forecast per circuit can be applied based on all evaluations. A forecast can be compared simultaneously with paid minimum guarantee or outright/flat fee amounts.  Based on a forecast an initial budget can be made simultaneously. This has the advantage of providing a clear single page overview which we hope will aid and enhance our client’s planning processes. Title Viability is fully integrated with other MACCS modules and screens. Purchase Contract data is taken from R&R module and changes in budget are directly processed in the budget screen of the P&A module.

Title Viability Report


Sell Contract Allocation

MACCS’ R&R module has again been extended and enhanced and we are excited to announce the new Sell Contract Charge Allocation screen, which provides distributors with the ability to allocate flat fees according to the performance of its individual titles.

If a blanket license deal has been made for a customer, specific titles are unknown, only the deal conditions and its flat fee are known. During the license period titles become known along with their performance. At some point a flat fee must be allocated according to specific titles. The base of the allocation is the performance of each individual title. To support this process, Sell Contract Charge Allocation has been developed. It automatically selects blanket license deals with its deal details, flat fees and all titles belonging to a deal detail. It calculates allocations for each title and automatically creates journal entries. Frequency and base of allocation can also be set up.


Same MACCS, just faster…

Here at MACCS International we’ve always put an emphasis on craftsmanship. We’re always looking for small enhancements to make the product better. That’s because we know that the seemingly tiny features can often have the greatest impact on the overall product experience. That is why we are thrilled to introduce multithreading in MACCS.

Asynchronous retrieval (multithreading) may sound technical and complex (trust us, it is!), but what it means in practice is that when you retrieve a report within MACCS you are able to continue to work in other windows simultaneously.


German Invoicing improved

Historically, both the exhibitor and distributor have entered return values into MACCS, and where required MACCS has created “Difference Invoices”. The Returns Window has now been simplified, and validation improved to help with this and to ensure a more efficient invoicing process.


The theatrical market in Germany has some important differences from other countries. Most significantly, Germany is a “self billing” territory, which means that exhibitors calculate and send their own “invoices” to the distributor. The distributor is legally obliged to record the exhibitor’s invoice with exactly the same values as received. Therefore, if the exhibitor has used an incorrect rental terms percentage, incorrectly calculated the VAT or claimed too much discount etc., these should all be recorded.

As the exhibitors are sending their own calculated invoices, it is vital that the distributor is able to validate what the exhibitor has sent. This is to make sure that all Rental and charges have been correctly calculated as per the original agreements with the exhibitors. It is also important to note that some of the charges are negative values, i.e. discounts which reduce the total value of the invoice, so it is particularly important that there is validation in place to ensure consistency and accuracy.



New Clients

  • Notorious Pictures (IT)

  • Picturehouse Entertainment (UK)

  • Element Pictures (IE)
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