Latest MaccsBox Developments

by / Wednesday, 20 April 2016 / Published in News

Introducing MaccsBox’s Online Exhibitor Portal

At MACCS International we constantly strive to bring product innovations for the benefit of our clients. We are therefore proud to preview MaccsBox’s new Online Exhibitor Portal.

Our new online portal provides exhibitors a with clean, modern interface to submit their box-office grosses in a faster and more convenient way. A summary dashboard (screenshot below) provides a complete overview of outstanding and completed submissions.

All submissions are automatically validated within the portal meaning mistakes are minimised and overall data quality is improved.

The portal will initially go live in 2016 in Spain and Switzerland, with planned rollout to further territories throughout 2016.

Maccsbox Summary Dashboard

MaccsBox – Continued expansion to new territories

Since our last newsletter, MaccsBox expansion has continued at pace, with leading distributors from Finland, Switzerland and South Africa choosing MaccsBox to support and enhance their business processes. The outcome – More distributors and exhibitors than ever before are benefitting from reducing costs and the streamlined integrated workflow MaccsBox delivers.

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