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The MACCS Non Theatrical section (MACCS.NTA) is used to manage rights for films distributed outside the home and cinemas, such as airlines, hotels, schools, libraries, film societies, coaches, restaurants, et cetera. MACCS.NTA is developed for high transaction volumes.


The Rights Management module of MACCS tracks your rights purchases across multiple territories, languages, formats and date windows, filtering the availability of product for the Sales side of the system.

You can also record any royalty related data to enable the provision of royalty sheets to the licensors (distribution deals, various cost of the top deals, cross collateralizations, etc.).


On the sales side, this module of MACCS delivers comprehensive functionality for managing Non Theatrical rights sales:


Sales to hotels with in room entertainment systems – BOR (Box Office Returns) based


Sales to airlines across the world – BOR based


Any download and streaming sales – BOR based

General Blanket Licensing

License sales to screen unlimited films to a non-paying audience – clubs, libraries, airport lounges, etc. – flat license fee

Market specific blanket licensing 


  • Concierge: sales to small – boutique – hotels, bed & breakfasts – flat license fee
  • Others: license sales related to coaches and busses, vessels and oil rigs, cruise ships

The Rights Management module also delivers TV Sales and sub licensing functionality, including flexible packaging of Titles using a wide variety of criteria and flexible rights holdback management.

The rights management section is multi currency.

The Theatrical module of MACCS completes the spectrum of Non Theatrical sales functionality by offering a comprehensive system for Single Title Screening License (STSL) sales on a title-by-title basis for scheduled and advertised screenings to a paying or no paying audience – festivals, theme nights, outdoor events, et cetera – Flat Fee per screening or BOR based.

The sales functionality in MACCS handles all deal types including flat fee, straight percentage, sliding scale, minimum guarantee, and many more.

Of course, comprehensive Sales and Availability reporting (graphical) is provided in this module, including various facilities for self defined rights and territory grouping for flexible and useful reporting.

Comprehensive film distribution software

MACCS.NTA is fully integrated with the other MACCS modules:

  • MACCS.TDS: Theatrical Distribution System
  • MACCS.R&R: Rights & Royalty Management
  • MACCS.DVD: Home Entertainment/DVD Sell-Through
  • MACCS.P&A: Prints & Advertising

Since the Non Theatrical functionality is a part of the full MACCS system, it benefits from all other related functionality within MACCS – such as:

  • Multi level security system, approval mechanisms, full auditing facilities – SOX-compliancy
  • Comprehensive finance reporting, such as Outstanding Returns, Aged Debtors, Survey of Account, Receivables (History), Statement of Account, etc.
  • Cash allocation and reporting
  • General Ledger Interfacing
  • Centralized master file maintenance

MACCS is the leading software solution for film distribution since it is entirely focused on the film distribution industry. It is highly detailed and yet very user-friendly. It offers all functionality necessary for complete planning and control of your enterprise resources. All in all MACCS.NTA provides you with comprehensive, user-friendly software, paramount for professional management of your non theatrical business.


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