MACCS International has been dedicated to the international film distribution industry for more than 20 years. Within this period, a series of product suites have been delivered to help our customers to distribute theatrical content in the most efficient way possible. This starts with our core product MACCS, a full size ERP system to manage and monitor all administrative and logistic processes in theatrical distribution and rights management.

Furthermore MACCS International has developed MaccsBox, a series of web extensions to MACCS to manage and monitor all processes related to KDM and DCP management, the collection of box office returns and e-invoicing.

Together, both suites are being used by more than 10 clients, ranging from very small to very big in more than 36 territories all over the world. Outside of the US, approximately 35% of all international ticket sales is processed through our software.

MACCS is a user-friendly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, developed especially for the film distribution market. With MACCS you have all the data regarding relationships, bookings, contracts and financial results at hand. The system includes extensive possibilities for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and warehousing.

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MaccsBox is a suite of web based services that integrates the total workflow between distributors and exhibitors. Essentially MaccsBox enables the distributor to manage and monitor the whole process of online ordering, digital delivery, data collection and e-invoicing in real-time from the booking screen in MACCS.

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