MACCS Pulse is MACCS International’s cross-platform market discovery mobile application, bringing real time film market insights straight to your mobile devices. MACCS Pulse provides visibility by play week of the top 20 grossing titles along with all industry standard indicators across multiple territories, all in a single easy to use mobile application.

From your mobile device, keep up with the latest movie trends and key performance indicators such as:

  • Box-office revenue
  • Admissions
  • Weekly drop off %
  • Number of bookings
  • And many more industry standard metrics.



In addition, MACCS Pulse provides promotional film material, so you can view posters and watch the latest trailers directly from your mobile devices.


Visit either the App Store or Google Play Store to download your free copy:




Or use the following QR codes:

MACCS Pulse iOS play store qr




– Attention CinemaBridge (old app) users –

MACCS Pulse is the successor to CinemaBridge.

If you have installed CinemaBridge on your iPhone please consider removing and replacing it with MACCS Pulse. You’ll be able to check additional territories across more platforms and devices as well as benefit from other innovations such as the implementation of HD quality posters and trailers (where available).

Support for CinemaBridge was ceased from 3rd October 2016.



Support questions and/or development suggestions for MACCS Pulse can be sent using the below contact form: