Rights & Royalties

The Rights & Royalty Management module of MACCS is the ultimate tool for managing your film rights purchases, the sales of your rights to TV channels, airlines, closed circuits, VoD parties and any other sub-licensees as well as comprehensive licensor reporting tools. MACCS Rights & Royalty Management system (MACCS.R&R) offers comprehensive but user-friendly functionality for every aspect of professional film rights management and licensor reporting.
Features include:

      • Purchasing and selling of rights
      • Comprehensive contracts easily entered, spreadsheet-style
      • Summary functionality
      • Creating your own film catalogue
      • Royalty agreements registered in every detail, including reporting requirements
      • Licensor reporting
      • Black periods, holdbacks, (semi-) exclusivity, etc. are all covered
      • Complete financial functionality (invoicing, cash, credit control)
      • Numerous interfacing
      • Workflow management
      • Document management
      • Approval mechanisms and audit trail facilities (Sarbanes-Oxley / IFRS)
      • Comprehensive reporting possibilities


Purchase of rights – rights in

The MACCS.R&R module offers you all the tools you need for a full registration of all the film rights you have acquired or are about to acquire and to manage your contracts in every single detail. Comprehensive contracts are easily registered in the MACCS.R&R module thanks to the neat and handy spreadsheet-like interface and the numerous options available. Even recording multi-licensor contracts, multi-title contracts or other complex agreements, normally a time-consuming task, can be realized quickly and conveniently. It saves you valuable time and therefore reduces business costs and possibly even more important: it reduces human errors.

MACCS.R&R enables you to index all your purchased film rights covering:

  • Film rights and user-made right sets
  • Territories and territory sets
  • Periods
  • Languages (subtitling, dubbing, etc.)
  • Black periods
  • (Semi-) exclusivity
  • Cross collateralization (rights, titles, territories)
  • TV runs
  • File referencing – contract scanning
  • Event management & logging – actions/memo’s


A key part of the contract registration is the Deal Memo which summarizes all combinations of rights and territories plus all financial agreements resulting from the contract. Additionally you can link your own documents to the contract in order to maintain a complete file of all documents related to a specific contract. Digging in your archives is not needed any longer.

Selling rights – rights out

The user-friendly and detailed registering of your purchased rights, offers a powerful tool for the sales of these rights or any combination thereof. Since your purchased film rights cover every aspect from territories, periods, languages and media types to black periods, exclusivity and cross collateralization, reselling those rights is made easier and it works just as smooth – with the help of the comprehensive availability sheets. At any time MACCS can give you a detailed and complete overview of all the rights you possess at a single glance, thanks to its sophisticated graphical availability tools, not seen anywhere else. The sales part of the MACCS.R&R module offers you full functionality for selling your film rights to TV companies (free or pay TV) or other (sub-) licensees such as airlines, closed circuits or VoD providers. MACCS provides the tools for recording and managing your own film catalogue.

For your sales you can benefit from the extensive range of options MACCS offers, such as:

  • Multi title/territory/rights deals or any combination
  • Various deal types such as flat fee, straight percentage, sliding scales, minimum guarantees, in any combination
  • Territories, periods and languages, in any combination
  • Use of black periods, holdbacks, (semi-) exclusivity
  • TV runs
  • Ability to manage/ship materials (Betacams/DVD’s/any other materials)
  • Any charges on contract/title level
  • Comprehensive manual returns entry facilities
  • Ability to upload returns spreadsheets from VoD providers/hotels/sublicensees




Core feature of the film distribution business is tracking and cashing your royalties. MACCS.R&R provides comprehensive functionality that you need for recording, invoicing and reporting your royalties. This comprises the royalties you have to pay to the licensors as well as the royalties you will receive from sub-licensees. MACCS can handle a huge number of royalty types and combinations thereof. During registration of your purchases and sales you can list the royalty reporting requirements for each single agreement but also multiple agreements. Other royalty-related options such as distribution deals and cross collateralization can be easily added to the contract details. Recently a complete new structure for licensor reporting has been introduced. The new functionality provides an extremely flexible “Excel”-style sheet where virtually any style licensor report can automatically be generated, using all sales revenues and costs and appropriate royalty rules as agreed with the licensor – as registered in “rights in”. The new functionality also allows to override recoupable costs/revenues when appropriate. Furthermore cash and non-cash related revenues and costs can be included or excluded, in any style desired, and full journal voucher functionality is available when needed. See also the diagram above. Note that also external GL information can be applied in order to generate licensor reports, when needed. The new functionality has huge merits and makes life for royalty accountants a lot easier. Also will the reporting be extremely accurate and ready for auditing. In the near future also cash flow reports will be available as well as profit & loss sheets (single & multi title, overall). Also royalty sheet scheduling will be available soon.


Knowing which film rights you own and which of those right are available for sales, is the crux of your enterprise. The last thing you want is to discover that unused rights have expired. As mentioned earlier, a prime and outstanding feature of MACCS.R&R is its clear graphical presentation of all your available rights. With one click MACCS displays a user-friendly Availability Report that shows you every single film right you own and thus gives you insight in all sales options available. Never again will you have to worry that you might have overlooked a business opportunity. Sales sheets can also be generated directly from MACCS.


Accurate accounting and prompt invoicing is essential for running a healthy and profitable commercial business. As you might expect from high-profile software, MACCS connects all your purchases and sales directly to MACCS’ financial accounting functionality, ensuring that all your financial and business information is always up-to-date.

MACCS.R&R offers:

  • Invoicing
  • Cash collection, cash allocation and reporting
  • Journal voucher facilities
  • Payment plans and payment control
  • Credit management
  • Comprehensive financial reports such as Missing Returns, Aged Debtors, Survey of Account, Receivables (history), Statement of Account, Customer Statements and more, but also royalty position reports
  • (Multiple) title-based profit & loss sheets including royalty liabilities*
  • Bank interfacing
  • More than 30 general ledger interfaces already available
  • Segregation of duties – approval mechanisms
  • Full auditing facilities (Sarbanes/Oxley-compliant, IFRS-compliant)
  • Segregation of duties


MACCS.R&R offers you hundreds of reports for all aspects of your enterprise. Just a few examples:

  • Availability Reports – various “slice & dice” reports that give you complete (graphical) insight in your film rights and your business opportunities
  • Exploitation Report – an overview of your exploitation based on your purchase contracts
  • Financial Reports – a wide variety of reports from Invoice Overviews to Outstanding Returns and Statement of Accounts
  • Event reports in order to keep track on exploitation dates
  • Payment reports


And all reports can be e-mailed instantly from MACCS, can be customized in MACCS, can be exported to almost any imaginable format such as PDF, Excel forms, etc. In the near future, it will also be possible to subscribe for scheduled reports. One other new report is expected for the near future: forecasting – of course P&A (budgets) must be used in order to get proper results. Also BOR-returns can be managed much easier in the near future for theatrical, sublicensees, etc. in combination with monthly statements.


And more…

As MACCS is already considered by far the best product for managing rights and royalties, huge investments are made in the product now and in the coming years in order to retain this position. This ensures the current global client base and future clients that the product is continuously being enhanced and adapted to changing market circumstances. Not mentioned above: the Rights & Royalty Management functionality provides full depot/warehouse use and CRM, seamlessly integrated with other functionality with MACCS. Clients of multiple sections of MACCS benefit dramatically from such central functionality (relationships, finance, depot, security, audit trailing, etc.). MACCS also includes a full workflow management system throughout the software: memo’s/actions can be attached to titles, prints, exhibitors, cinemas, shipments, contracts, invoices, and many other entities in MACCS, addressing a person to perform an action. There is a follow-up mechanism and closing actions are performed. When starting MACCS, an overview of all pending actions is generated; there is a seamless integration with e-mail, i.e. when an action is e-mailed, it contains a link which starts MACCS and brings you to the entity (title, print, exhibitor, cinema, shipment, contract, invoice) the action is attached to. The document management system in MACCS enables the user to attach files (PDF’s, spreadsheets, etc.) to titles, prints, licensors/licensees, exhibitors, cinemas, shipments, contracts, invoices, and many other entities in MACCS. This allows you to scan in BOR’s and link them to the appropriate booking. This works similar for signed contracts (rights) or master contracts (exhibitors), incoming invoices (P&A) or basically anything a user desires.

Comprehensive film distribution software

MACCS Rights & Royalty Management is fully integrated with the other MACCS modules:
It benefits from all other special functionality in the MACCS software, such as:
  • Multi-level security system
  • Approval mechanism
  • Auditing facilities (Sarbanes-Oxley/IFRS-compliant)
  • Centralized master file maintenance
  • Segregation of duties
  • Print/material management
  • Depot management



All in all MACCS.R&R provides you with comprehensive, user-friendly software, paramount for professional management of your film rights.