Theatrical Distribution System

The Theatrical Distribution System (TDS) module of MACCS is what you need to remain in full control of your theatrical film distribution business processes. MACCS.TDS offers comprehensive coverage of the entire theatrical film distribution process from beginning to end:
  • Release planning
  • Contract and booking management, terms, settlements
  • Holdovers and crossovers
  • Print management and digital key management
  • Advertising and publicity management
  • Warehouse – depot functionality
  • Daily flash grosses and box office returns (BOR)
  • Complete financial processing and control
  • Cash collection and credit management
  • Numerous sales, finance and statutory reports
  • Numerous interfaces for finance, depots, figures
  • Approval mechanisms and audit trail facilities (Sarbanes-Oxley / IFRS)
  • Localized documents – multi lingual
  • Joint venture
Theatrical Distribution Schematic Overview
Note that when theatrical releases are managed by a third party, the results (revenues/royalties/fees) can be processed in the Rights & Royalty management (MACCS.R&R) section of MACCS.


Release planning

Distribution of a new release of a movie to cinemas starts with a thorough planning. MACCS helps you out during planning of your release. Not only can you record and retrieve all historical data and project this on anticipated future releases, but also you can access the historical information of previous movies in detail (such as returns, admissions, rental, et cetera on a cinema/region level) for making it possible to fine-tune your release plan in a second stage.

Of course, you can record any relevant elementary data of any cinema you are (anticipating) doing business with and for each cinema you can register the financial agreements: separate contracts as well as joint agreements for clusters of cinemas.

This with the goal to improve your results.

A soundly detailed release planning forms the ideal starting point when using two prime features of the MACCS.TDS module: contract/booking management and print management.

Booking management

MACCS.TDS brings you the best practice for managing your contracts and bookings – engagements.

Naturally it offers all basic functionality to register any detail of a booking such as movie title information, print information if any, shipping details, cinema/screen/payer information, play dates, booking types such as premieres or sneak previews, media types (35mm/Digital/Imax), dimension (2D/3D), language versions, any kind of terms, and a lot more.

Of course the release plan facilitates to generate such bookings in large numbers.

During the booking process, a number of checks are executed such as credit checks, print type validations (digital/3D,..), stock checks, et cetera.

During the booking process you have full access to your client’s financial data, which is a great asset for your cash collection: overdue payments can be settled before or during the bookings process.

Print management

With the print book of MACCS.TDS you can track the whereabouts of each print you own. Of course the print book works closely with the booking functionality to give you maximum control of your distribution process.

MACCS TD is designed to manage your prints for all films and media types including 35 mm, digital and Imax. Additionally, MACCS is has fully enhanced for digital film distribution.

At any time you can check where a specific print is. You can see whether a print is in stock (depot), set its shipping date, allow transit days, print dispatch sheets and labels and check the play dates in the cinema where it is about to run. You can determine return dates and, in case a return date is overdue, forward a reminder notification – also in bulk.

All information from contracts, bookings and terms in relation to the print are instantly available at your fingertip.

MACCS.TDS’s print and booking book does more than offer a wealth of information; it makes all these data completely transparent thanks to the graphical presentations available.


Additional to the print and booking management, all your other promotional materials for each film can be processed and handled by the MACCS ad/pub functionality.

Not only can you supply posters, trailers and other material to your customers, the depot/warehouse functionality also provides options as return checking to make sure all your precious goods will return to your depot.

With the help of cinema and material sets, you can instantly generate dispatch instructions for your depot.

KDM management

Brand new in MACCS.TDS is its Key Delivery Message (KDM) management as part of the digital distribution process. To protect a digital film, a digital key is required in order to play the movie. Delivering this digital key (KDM) to the right place at the right time can be problematic. MACCS KDM functionality enables you to manage all your digital keys smoothly – either through 3rd party service providers or by MACCS.

Today MACCS not only manages the key generation, in the near future MACCS can even generate the KDM and provide this key directly from MACCS to the exhibitor – without using one of the service providers.

Holdovers and crossovers

If you want a booking prolonged since the movie is still generating revenues, you can use the holdover functionality of MACCS.TDS – available in many forms.

Besides holdovers, also crossovers to other cinemas are easily managed, since all aspects for crossovers are incorporated in the software, including transit days and notification options.
Holdovers and crossovers can be performed in multiple sections of MACCS and can also be executed in bulk.
For the US, an eHoldover functionality is now available for processing electronic holdover requests by exhibitors. This will soon be available in multiple territories.

Daily flash grosses & box office returns

Timely and correct collection of flash grosses and box office returns (BOR) is imperative to remain in full control of your film distribution process and to keep your finances in order. After all, box office returns form the basis of your invoices. Flash grosses & BOR are vital admission data which often require a large amount of time to be processed.

With MACCS.TDS you can save valuable time since it supports automatic updating of the latest flash grosses & BOR. MACCS provides seamless integration with nearly 30 consolidators across the globe, such as Rentrak, MaccsBox, Cinedi, and others.

MACCS offers numerous day figure reports in any desirable form (summary, detailed) for flash grosses and BOR. These reports can be displayed as merely figures or graphical in a variety of diagrams. The vast amount of report types and options gives you the opportunity to slice and dice through your box office and admission information.

Above all, any of these reports can be e-mailed instantly from MACCS, can be customized and can be exported into almost any imaginable format such as PDF, Excel forms, etc.


Terms, settlements, local regulations

A big strength of MACCS lies in its detailed registration options for the more complex issues of theatrical distribution: any applicable local terms and settlements, VAT/GST/City taxes and royalty topics, statutory issues which could apply to a booking. This comprises of:

Local terms
Terms differ per country and often make bookings very complicated. Today MACCS offers any imaginable country-specific term required for doing the business properly, such as minimum guarantees, payment in advance, house allowances, (sliding) scales, and a lot more. Terms are by default suggested to a user based on a number of conditions – for example on combinations of city, screen, cinema, circuit, title.

If terms and conditions of a certain agreement need to be adjusted, for example due to changed expectations or circumstances, settlements can be recorded in full detail and just as easy.

Tax collection
MACCS reckons with all general and country-specific taxes such as VAT, GST or other sales taxes but also City Tax or regional taxes and in some cases other ticket related taxes. Also any related statutory is available in MACCS.

Royalties and deductions
MACCS also provides all the functionality you need for recording – and invoicing if needed – any royalties and deductions applicable in the specific territories and any related reporting hereto.

Localized documents
All documents are localized and available in the appropriate language – MACCS is also multi-lingual. Also numerous local reports are available.
Normally, the enormous amount of options regarding terms and settlements makes registry of your bookings a very complicated and a time-consuming process. Since MACCS TDS covers every possible detail of your terms and settlements, it makes management of your bookings easier, quicker and better.



To view results, control and manage your operation MACCS.TDS supplies a large array of sales, booking, returns, admission, prints reports for getting any information you need. Even when MACCS would not provide the information or presentation you need, any report can be exported to the most common formats for customizing things as desired.
All reports and documents can be e-mailed instantly as well, directly from MACCS.

There is also a huge list of interfaces available to general ledgers, depots, central reporting bodies, flash grosses and box office return providers, and a lot more.


Financial Management

Fully integrated with your bookings is the financial processing of all your contracts. Accurate accounting and prompt invoicing is essential for running a healthy and profitable commercial business. As you might expect from high-profile software, MACCS connects all your theatrical sales directly to MACCS’ financial accounting functionality, ensuring that all your financial and business information is always up-to-date and that it provides you with any functionality you need in order to do your business properly.
In general, MACCS.TDS offers comprehensive financial functionality, featuring:

  • Invoicing, complete with batch facilities
  • Cash collection, cash allocation and reporting
  • Payment plans and payment control
  • Credit (status) management
  • Bank interfacing
  • General ledger interfacing
  • Comprehensive multi-level reminder and dunning facilities
  • Interest invoicing
  • Journal voucher facilities
  • Segregation of duties
  • Full auditing facilities (Sarbanes/Oxley and IFRS-compliant)

All required financial reports and more are at your disposal. To name a few:

  • Receivables/aging report
  • Survey of account
  • Customer statement and statement of account
  • Reminder report with different texts, depending on the extent to which a payment is overdue
  • VAT reporting
  • Licensee and licensor reports
  • A substantial number of territory specific tax reports and statutory reports
  • Month end closing reports
  • Cash flow management reports
  • Print profitability reports

A huge and unique benefit is that all financial reports in MACCS.TDS are focused specifically on the film distribution world.

And more…

As MACCS is already considered the only product for managing the theatrical distribution process on a global level – currently close to 40% of the international box office is managed by MACCS – huge investments are made in the product today and in the coming years in order to further expand this position. This ensures the current global client base and future clients that the product is continuously being enhanced and adapted to changing market circumstances.
Not mentioned above:
The theatrical functionality provides full depot/warehouse use and CRM, seamlessly integrated with other functionality with MACCS. Clients of multiple sections of MACCS benefit dramatically from such central functionality (relationships, finance, depot, security, audit trailing, et cetera).

Comprehensive film distribution software

It benefits from all other special functionality in the MACCS software, such as:

  • Multi-level security system
  • Approval mechanism
  • Auditing facilities (Sarbanes/Oxley-compliant)
  • Centralized master file maintenance

MACCS.TDS is the leading software solution for theatrical film distribution since it is entirely focused on the film distribution industry and is highly detailed. It offers all functionality necessary for complete planning and control of your enterprise resources.

All in all MACCS.TDS provides you with comprehensive, user-friendly software, paramount for professional management of your theatrical releases.