DCinemaHub – Digital Delivery Services

DCinemaHub is an online platform that seamlessly integrates MACCS Theatrical distribution software (TDS) to distributor’s logistical suppliers. The Hub enables distributors to manage their logistical workflow directly from their TDS booking interface. KDM and DCP orders that derive from each booking are automatically directed to the designated lab. Once processed, the lab provides a status feedback signal to DCinemaHub which appears in the booking interface providing complete ease of mind.
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DCinemaHub eliminates manual processes like processing Excel sheets, keeping track of KDM expiry dates or reproducing booking contracts at third party websites. The fully automated process significantly minimizes human error in the order process. Distributors currently using DCinemaHub have reported an increase in their operational efficiency of between 15 to 20%. DCinemaHub is a fully independent platform; it directs logistical orders to any third party of the distributor’s choice without interference in the agreement with logistical suppliers.
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DCinemaHub is currently in use by distributors around the world, processing orders for countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, UK, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Taiwan, Poland, Switzerland and Austria.
DCinemaHub can fulfill logistical workflow with these third parties:
– Deluxe Technicolor
– Motion Picture Solutions
– Unique Digital Cinema / MovieTransit
– CinePro
– NF Shortcut
– James Post
– Generator Post
– PostyR
– Post Control
– Nedcipro
– Film Factory
– Cine-Logistics
– Diagonal
– Marquise Keymaster

In progress:
– Smartjog Ymagis (dcinex)

If you would like to receive more information on DCinemaHub, please contact Jeroen Schlaman: jeroen.schlaman@maccs.com.