MaccsBox is an electronic data exchange system that fully automates the processes of reporting and invoicing Box Office Returns between distributors and exhibitors.
First of all MaccsBox streamlines the process of data collection from the exhibitors by ingesting automated feeds with Flash Grosses, Box Office Returns and Holdovers directly from the Ticketing System and the Theater Management System. An intelligent matching system analyzes and matches all incoming data to the original bookings and redistributes a feed to the distributors with only the figures and reports that they are entitled to.

Furthermore the matching system checks for inconsistencies between the figures from the exhibitor and the booking info from the distributor. If any discrepancy is found, MaccsBox automatically reports these back to the parties involved or can automatically create an e-booking to correct the problem.

Secondly MaccsBox has an extensive reporting module that allows distributors and exhibitors to have real time insight in all data that he is allowed to access. Next to countless standard reports such as real time Release lists, several top-listings, Daily Reports and Historical reports for both distributors and exhibitors over the past day, week or year, each distributor and exhibitor can configure the scheduled delivery of endless reports derived from the data that he is allowed to access, including reports regarding market size and relative market share.

Finally MaccsBox fully automates the invoicing process by collecting electronic invoices from all distributors and redistributing them to the exhibitors. For exhibitors that cannot process electronic invoices, the invoices can also be securely accessed and printed from the web interface thus making a paper invoicing process obsolete.

By providing a single web based platform that integrates the whole value chain of the film distribution market, MaccsBox provides an enormous efficiency gain for both distributors and exhibitors compared to the situation each distributor and each exhibitor has to maintain a one-on-one relation for reporting and invoicing box office returns.

For exhibitors that don’t have an electronic data feed from a ticketing system, MaccsBox provides a user friendly web interface where Box Office Returns, Flash Grosses and Holdovers can be entered manually. Because the data can be entered directly on the bookings as provided by the distributors, the manual interface also provides a substantial efficiency gain compared to the situation where all data needs to be delivered manually to each individual distributor.

Altogether, MaccsBox reduces the amount of manual labor for data entry at both the distributor and the exhibitor end, while reducing the number of errors in reporting and invoicing and reducing the number of communication lines that have to be maintained.

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