VPF Hub is an independent clearinghouse for VPF settlement that closes VPF contracts on behalf of participating exhibitors in order to allow them to find co-financing for the installation of digital screens. Next to the calculation of the VPF’s, VPF Hub also takes care of the invoicing of the VPF’s and the financial settlement between distributors and exhibitors.

Since VPF Hub is an open concept to which any distributor and any exhibitor can sign up, the benefits for both parties are obvious. Through VPF Hub an exhibitor is entitled to the VPF’s from all the distributors that are connected to VPF Hub without the need to negotiate a separate contract with each of these distributors. Furthermore it is important that VPF Hub takes care of the invoicing and the financial settlement towards the distributor meaning that it provides a hassle free service both from an administrative as well as from a technical perspective.

The advantage for the distributors is that they only need a single contract with VPF Hub to ensure that all the connected exhibitors will receive VPF’s from these distributors making their titles more attractive to book. Furthermore VPF Hub is also the single point of contact for the invoicing and financial settlement of VPF’s to all connected exhibitors meaning that VPF Hub will drastically reduce the administrative load.


If you like to receive more information on VPF Hub, please contact Sven Andresen: sven.andresen@maccs.com.