Technical Requirements


  • Any off-the-shelf server will work in most cases
  • Minimum 8 GB of internal memory
  • Windows server 2008 / 2012 (64bit)
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition 12C
  • Appropriate back up facility

If desired, the server can be scaled up depending on the number of transactions and note that internal memory is an important factor in scaling up. A dedicated server for MACCS is required. In most cases both production and testing can be executed on the same server, in a separated Oracle scheme.

One Oracle server can provide multiple operations, when needed (single database – multiple schemes). In such case multiple territories can supported from a single database server, see also the sections below.

Installation requirements

MACCS International requires a remote connection such as remote desktop, VPN, or another solution in order to perform initial installation of the software and (if required) data migration. Sufficient user rights are also required.

MACCS International can supply Oracle and perform the server installation, using this remote connection. Usually the Oracle Clients are installed by the customer but MACCS Support is available for assistance.

During the operational use of MACCS this connection will also be used for upgrading and remote support.

For further information please contact

Database size

The size of the database depends on the territory and the way it is used. It also depends on whether audit trails are applied or not. A general indication:

  • For transaction data, for a large territory such as Germany, UK we suggest to calculate with 0.5 GB a year
  • Audit trails, roughly 4 times the size of transaction data or calculated by 2 Gb a year

Note that the numbers are only for calculation purposes and are far at the top end.

Some examples from practice (only transactional data):

  • Germany, studio, theatrical, 3 years of operation 3 Gb including historical data
  • UK, studio, theatrical, 4 years of operation, 2 Gb including historical data
  • The Netherlands, theatrical, P&A, RM, DVD ST, 8 years of operation 1,5 Gb
  • UK, Large independent, theatrical + P&A, 7 years of operation 0,5 Gb
  • Japan, studio, theatrical, 9 months of operation 90Mb



  • Any off-the-shelf PC hardware
  • 2 GB internal memory or more
  • Microsoft Windows XP and newer (32/64bit)
  • We advise to apply relatively large screens making life comfortable for the users, 22 inch or larger, which supports at least a resolution of 1600×1024
  • Oracle Client 12 32bit installed (MACCS will not run on 64bit)


Hosted MACCS in your infrastructure

You can easily provide hosted MACCS using Windows 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services in your existing Microsoft Windows domain. Add a Windows 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Server in your domain, provide access to the existing MACCS database and open up the necessary protocols on your firewall. A standard of-the-shelf 64bit server will do, depending on the number of users server capacity will need to be increased. PC’s, laptops or mobile clients just need the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client software installed and an internet connection. For more information on hosted MACCS see our product page on hosted MACCS.