Our cloud-native platform designed to streamline movie distribution. With Mica, managing the entire distribution process becomes a pleasure, not a chore.

Experience the future of distribution with Mica and optimize your movie distribution workflow.

Plan, Book & Invoice

Easily plan and manage releases through a browser, smartphone, or tablet. Generate invoices and handle bookings with simplicity.

Box Office Shipping & Receiving

Instantly generate shipment orders for DCPs & KDMs. Stay updated with real-time status. Automate Box Office Return data collection and invoicing.

Analyze and Compare

Gain insights for informed decision-making. Utilize Mica Analytics to compare productions, analyze data with charts, pivot tables, and heatmaps.


MaccsCore TDS - Theatrical Distribution System

An essential tool for distributors to fully control their movie distribution processes. Providing control and visibility from release and sales planning, managing movie properties and terms, booking and contract management through to shipping, box office collection, invoicing and cash handling.​

Improve results

Smarter release planning with full historical oversight to AI planning of future releases. Detailed Distribution, Terms and Scenario planning available to facilitate all aspects of agreements and ‘what-if’ analysis.


Extensive holdover feature for KDMs to stay closely connected to the film's performance and maximize rental revenues from play week to play week.


Daily flash grosses and box office returns (BOR) are automatically processed with seamless integration with consolidators across the world.

DCP & KDM Management

Fully embedded content and digital key management with multiple 3rd party logistic providers to fully automate DCP and KDM dispatching to cinemas.


MaccsCore R&R​ - Rights & Royalty ​

The tool for managing film rights purchases, the sales of rights to TV, airlines, closed circuits, VoD and any other sub-licensees as well as comprehensive licensor reporting tools.​


Comprehensive reporting functionality including availability, exploitation and financial reporting.


Full functionality for selling your film rights to TV, Streaming, or other (sub-) licensees such as airlines, or closed circuits.


Process royalty figures throughout a film’s life cycle with full royalty statements and/or licensor reporting


MaccsCore P&A​ - Prints & Advertising ​

Handles all film-related expenses, from ordering to payment. MaccsCore P&A is a full accounts payable system with budget management, invoicing, purchasing, delivery control, inventory management, approval processes, audit facilities, and reporting.​


Full approval mechanisms with layers of management sign off as required, with complete auditing facilities. MaccsCore P&A is Sarbanes-Oxley/IFRS compliant.

Budget management

Track all expenses related to POS material to ensure direct oversight on profitability by title.


Pay MGs, royalties and other costs directly from MaccsCore P&A, with all data exportable to your General Ledger.


MaccsBox​ Distributor ​

MaccsBox Distributor is a cutting-edge, secure, and reliable electronic data exchange platform designed to revolutionize the process of data collection. By seamlessly integrating with exhibitors' Ticketing and Theatre Management Systems, it automates data feeds for efficient and accurate information retrieval.

With MaccsBox Distributor, distributors can streamline their operations, reduce manual labor, enhance accuracy, and gain real-time insights for improved decision-making.

Streamlined Data Collection

Automates the collection of data from exhibitors' systems, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process.

Effortless E-Invoicing

Simplifies the invoicing process by smoothly integrating with e-invoicing systems, minimizing manual labour.

Error Minimization

Actively monitors data for inconsistencies, minimizing errors and ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

Comprehensive Reporting

Provides extensive reporting capabilities, including industry-standard metrics and competitor benchmarking, allowing users to gain valuable insights into their performance.



An Online platform for managing logistical orders, digital keys and packages. The Hub enables distributors to fully automate their logistical workflow and get real-time insights directly from their booking interface.​

Fully Automated

Significantly reduce human errors and time spent with a fully automated system that eliminates manual processes such as Excel sheets, keeping track of KDM expiry dates or reproducing booking contracts.

Fully Independent

MaccsDCHub is a fully independent platform; it directs logistical orders to any third party of the distributor’s choice without interference in the agreement with logistical suppliers.

Real-time Updates

Offering real-time status information, MaccsDCHub enables you to react pro-actively to any issues with the DCP or KDMs.

Increase Efficiency

Distributors worldwide have reported an increase of 15-20% in their operational efficiency due to the usage of MaccsDCHub.

Happy customers

"Our starting point was aimed at nature and music themed releases with a modest amount of titles. Therefore, we went looking for a distribution system which could be both flexible, scalable and with a wide range of functionality built into one package. We found this in Mica. Functional and visually clear, while also being connected to other sources of information and databases like Maccsbox, exhibitors, Filmdepot and Gofilex. Our experience has been positive, with short lines of communication in support and an increasing development towards an all-encompassing solution."

Ignas Schiack
M&N Filmdistribution

"MaccsBox Distributor is a solid and fast operating web based system"

Andre-Marc van der Wulp
Universal Pictures International Netherlands

“From a theatrical sales perspective Mica has provided a number of efficiencies enabling our teams to book cinema, manage terms, and automate content ordering and box office returns via a single dashboard.  Being cloud-based meant we were able to start using Mica immediately with no on-site installation and continue to benefit from the product updates as soon as they’re deployed”.

Miranda Horsmeijer
In The Air
in the air logo

“MaccsBox Distributor makes the ingestion of the figures, like Admissions and Boxoffice fast and secure with a minimum of manual workload.”

Suzanne Szalo
SF Studios

"Since the introduction of MaccsDCHub we realized 15 to 20% operational savings "

Volker Modenbach
Director of Sales Warner Bros Germany

Great administrative and delivery/transport tool. Easy to use and fantastic support office , quick responses and Solutions.

Jean Heijl
M&N Distribution

“I never want to go back to how we used to do it – it’s excellent”

Edward van der Lugt
Sales Manager Film E-one Benelux

"MaccsBox Distributor is a solid and fast operating web based system"

Andre-Marc van der Wulp
Universal Pictures International Netherlands

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